About Us

Our teams of professionals are highly trained and experienced; we use analytical techniques, expertise and extensive practical skills to render professional reports on diamonds and colored gemstones.

Furnished with cutting-edge gem testing equipment, modern technology (microscopic, spectroscopic and chemical properties of a stone.) and approved by qualified gemologists who test and certify your diamonds and gemstones.

With an exceedingly advanced set-up, we provide diamond grading, gemstone verification, jewelry quality analysis and report verification on our website.


Every specimen is examined by two gemologists independently.  The results are then correlated and a report is issued.

The following are the different types of reports:

  1. Diamond Grading Report
  2. Gemstone Identification
  3. Jewelry Dossier  Card
  4. Jewelry Analysis Report

Report Verification

You can verify the authenticity of the report on line now.

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Consultancy Service’s

  1. Professional Advise &  Additional service for Gem prospecting & Gem mining
  2. Professional  advise &  recommendations on Gem mining equipments
  3. Tutorial and training for  Gem identification & Jewelry  basics
  4. Tips & Training on How to Grade and Buy Diamonds
  5. Information & Additional service for advance analytical & identification equipments.